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Pastor Nominating Committee

Whenever there is a vacant Pastoral position within a Presbyterian Church, the congregation elects a Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) whose responsibility it is to find the person that God is calling to lead and serve the congregation.

About Our PNC

In September 2005, FPC elected a PNC to fill the Senior Pastor position left open by the departure of Dr. David Jones. The members of the PNC are:

• Doug Ivester and Harrison Williams (representing the session);
• Randy Evatt and Susan Merrick (representing the board of deacons;
• Doug Allen, Trevor Jordan, K.K. Petit, Libba Schell, and Bob Stephens (representing the congregation-at-large); and
• Elder Charles Frew of the Eastminister Presbyterian Church as its COM liaison to this committee.

The current PNC has organized itself as follows:
• Chair – Harrison Williams
• Vice-Chair – Bob Stephens
• Recording Secretary – Doug Allen
• Corresponding Secretary – Libba Schell
• Coordinator – Trevor Jordan

The PNC of First Presbyterian in Marietta consists of:
• two Elders who are members of the Session when elected;
• two Deacons who are members of the Board of Deacons when elected;
• and five active members of the congregation who are not members of the Session or the Board of Deacons when elected.

In addition to the nine members, The Presbytery’s Committee on Ministry (COM) assigns a liaison who will work with the church through the entire pastor-selection process. The COM liaison calls the first meeting of the PNC.

In September 2005, following the resignation of our Senior Pastor, First Presbyterian Church elected the current PNC to locate our next Senior Pastor.

Our first task — after meeting with the COM — was to organize ourselves and begin the spiritual journey of finding a new Senior Pastor. The PNC and leaders of the church began this process by reviewing our history, assessing current missions, and setting our sights toward future ministry.

The PNC meets regularly to work on the search process. We proceed carefully and diligently while moving as expeditiously as good order and discipline allow. We pray (and covet your prayers) that the Holy Spirit will lead us throughout the process.

A major task for the PNC is to produce a true and thorough Church Information Form (CIF). This form serves as a “window” into First Presbyterian. It is designed to give a valid description of First Presbyterian Church to prospective ministers and to outline the requirements for the pastor position. The crucial importance of this brief document is to accurately portray FPC to prospective ministerial candidates. This is the initial instrument that communicates and attracts a potential candidate; therefore, accuracy and truthfulness are critical to ensure the correct response. The CIF is reviewed and approved by both the Session and the Presbytery COM before being published.

Next, the CIF is published on the PC(USA) Church Leadership Connection website. Through the website, available pastoral candidates are able to express their interest in the position. The PNC will collect and screen profiles from interested pastors. We will follow up on referrals from members of the congregation, Presbytery and General Assembly offices. Each pastor interested in the open position will furnish a Pastor Information Form (PIF) outlining his or her resume.

As the list of candidates is narrowed, the PNC begins the process of listening to tapes, reading resumes, checking references and speaking with candidates. Selecting candidates through this process, the PNC will interview potential pastors. This interview process includes attending worship led by candidates and visiting with final candidates and their families.

After prayerful consideration, a decision will be made to extend a call (or offer) to the chosen candidate. When the candidate accepts and the terms of the call are agreed upon, the candidate meets with representatives of Presbytery’s COM for approval. The candidate and terms of call are then presented to the Session. The Session will be asked to approve the final terms of call and to call a congregational meeting for the purpose of receiving and voting upon the report and recommendation of the PNC and the subsequent dissolution of the PNC. At the congregational meeting, the PNC makes a formal motion for the call of the candidate and the congregation approves the call and its terms. At the next Presbytery meeting, the pastor-elect is examined and approved for installation. After these examinations and approvals the pastor-elect and family arrives and is welcomed.

A great milestone for the church and pastor is the installation worship service by the Presbytery held at FPC. This is held as soon after the pastor arrives as scheduling will permit. The new pastor and the congregation begin working together to serve Jesus Christ, and to grow together spiritually.

Stay up-to-date on the activities of your PNC by stopping by our bulletin board located in the gathering space outside of the Officer’s Mail Room. If you have comments or questions or would like to make a pastoral referral, please take advantage of our secure Communications box in front of the bulletin board.

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